Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure you receive effective and beautiful results with natures natural luxuries. By doing so, we created three luxury oil blends that are specially crafted with ingredients that will help you achieve your hair goals in a healthy way with long-term results without using any harsh ingredients or chemicals.

Blends Hair & Beard Care


Our Story

Blends is a luxury and all-natural hair care brand officially established in Oman in 2021.  With sparks of inspiration drawn from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, each oil blend tells a story of recipes past on from generation to generation. Click below to find out more.

Our story

❝ The products have transformed by hair ❞

❝ I'm so in love with the scent and the consistency of the repair blend ❞

❝ I've massaged the grow oil onto my scalp twice a week and I started to notice hair growth with just 2 weeks of consistent use ❞