Our Story

Blends is an all-natural hair care brand officially established in Oman in 2021. We specialise in providing natural and nutrient-rich hair oils to target different hair concerns. Through our products, we aim to take our customers on a journey of rediscovering the roots of traditional Arabian haircare recipes passed down through generations.

Significance of hair oils:

Hair oiling is a traditional practice widely integrated into Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures. For many, hair oil was the first “beauty product” gifted from a mother to a daughter. With Blends Haircare, it is not about following a haircare trend; it is about reviving and representing a rich Arabian tradition that embodies and reflects generations of women who have played an essential role in collectively taking care of one another.

Blends haircare is dedicated to finding the best ingredients to achieve your hair and beard goals for all hair types without using harsh chemicals, but instead, using nature's natural luxuries.


Our values:

Knowledge – BH believes in educating our customers about the traditions, heritage, and ingredients we use and why. Additionally, we strongly believe in sharing the generational wisdom and knowledge that has been passed down to us.

Customers first – To meet the needs of our richly diverse and multi-cultural customer base, BH feeds feedback into the creative process of formulating new and effective products.

Culture & heritage – Sticking to the culture and heritage by providing customers with products that celebrate and embody nature's natural luxuries, just like how generations of Arabian women did for centuries