Our Story

Blends is a luxury and all-natural hair care brand officially established in Oman in 2021. With sparks of inspiration drawn from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, each oil blend tells a story of the rich traditional hair care ingredients past on from generation to generation. We have created three unique blends, each with a unique properties of addressing hair concerns on their own.

Blends is dedicated to find the best ingredients to achieve your hair and beard goals for all hair types without using any harsh chemicals, but instead, using natures natural luxuries.

The Grow oil is inspired by rich and nutrient packed ingredients that have been past on through generations and commonly used across the Middle East & South Asia. Known to be an Ayurvedic miracle for generations, Fenugreek infused oil plays a vital role in the blends grow oil. To complement it, a silky oil known as Arabian liquid gold, Argan oil, acts as an elixir packed with benefits to treat your locks.

The Repair oil is a light and silky oil formula which was inspired by a diverse mix of lavish and vibrant oils extracted from nutritious plants and fruits from across the globe. From the precious Baobab oil harvested in the heart of Africa all the way to the blooming Camellia Seed oil from East Asia, these oils create a smooth blend to mend, repair and bring back life to your hair.

The Beard oil is a specially crafted blend of oil inspired by the dark, aromatic and strong characteristics of black cumin oil. Used commonly in the Arabian world, Black cumin boasts an abundance of highly beneficial properties that have been used for centuries to treat a number of things, one of them being hair. Our Blends beard oil is complemented with Smoky Cedarwood used for purifying and fragrant Basil and Neroli to stimulate thick and healthy hair growth.

All our oils are made with a base of Amla oil (Indian Gooseberry), an oil known for its potency in vitamin C, E & natural antioxidant properties. Amla oil also contributes to a plethora of highly beneficial properties and is an oil that has seen a long and rich history of contributing to maintenance of healthy, strong and beautiful hair.