Our Product - FAQs

I'm not seeing results, what now?

Everybody reacts differently to the oils. Therefore, some might see results immediately, whereas others might see them after several months of consistent usage. If you are trying to grow your hair, we advise that you massage the oil onto your scalp for at least 15 minutes to stimulate hair growth once or twice a week.

Additionally, we would like to mention that our oils are made using 100% natural ingredients and without any harsh or damaging chemicals. If you are in need of something stronger for your hair with an immediate result, we advise that you consult with a professional.


If I am allergic to nuts, can I still use the oil?

It is important to note that our products contain nut-derived oils. Therefore, we advise you do not use the oils due to allergy or sensitivity.


When does the oil expire?

Our oils are safe to use for up to 12 months (as seen on the label of the bottle). We advise that you store your oil in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. 


Can I use the oil on wet hair?

It is important to note that oil and water do not mix. However, you can still use the oil on wet hair as a styling product to reduce frizz or after you've applied your styling products to lock them in and increase shine. However, our Grow Blend Oil is intended to be washed out due to slight thickness of the oil. Both Repair Blend Oil and Beard Blend Oil, can be left on the hair.


Are results guaranteed?

As with any product in the industry, results vary from person to person. With consistent usage over a period of time, Blends oils aims to maintain and strengthen your hair and scalp to guide you on your healthy hair journey.

Our end goal is to provide you with the highest quality products to accommodate different hair types, textures and lengths. 


Are your products vegan friendly?

Our products are 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free.


Are the oils suitable for children?

Yes, our oils are suitable for all ages. However, a patch test is recommended for anyone using the oil and user discretion is advised. 


Delivery - FAQs

When can I expect my delivery?

Local deliveries (Oman) 1-2 days
*International  5-10 days


What if my delivery is delayed?

If your delivery is delayed, please allow up to 15 days to receive it. If further delay occurs please contact us by email on contact@blendshaircare.com 


Can I change or cancel my order?

After receiving an order confirmation, all sales are final. However, if you are having any issues, please email us 30 minutes after receiving an order confirmation, on contact@blendshaircare.com 


What delivery service do you use?

For local orders, we use local Omani delivery companies

*We are currently not delivering internationally